The King is Back

Skrillex released a 2 songs last week titled “Show Tracks”. This release has been highly anticipated by fans, and it looks like he’s only getting started.

Though Sonny has not been releasing much music as Skrillex, he has spent the past few years collaborating with other artists and working on projects that he is passionate about. Over the past few years he has worked with superstar artists on projects such as the 2017 Incubus album titled “8”, The Weeknd’s 2018 album titled “My Dear Melancholy”, more recently Ed Sheeran’s “No.6 Collaboration Project”, and many others.

Not only has Sonny been working with new artists, but also reconnected with some old friends as well. Sonny put out two singles during 2017-2018 with his old band From First to Last. For fans of FFTL, this was an amazing and unexpected reunion. But fans of Skrillex still did not have any new electronic music from Sonny. That was until another unexpected reunion took place this past spring. In 2012 Skrillex linked up with electro house artist Boys Noize and created a project that came to be known as Dog Blood. After playing shows and releasing music from 2012-2014, we haven’t heard much about the project until the duo reunited in Spring 2019. Dog Blood released a 4 song EP and headlined festivals around the world during Spring/ Summer 2019.

Though fans have appreciated Sonny’s artistic range and capabilities to create different genres of music with many different artists, they have been waiting for an original Skrillex release for quite some time. The new release “Show Tracks” features two songs that he has been using during his recent sets. Skrillex fans and members of the EDM community immediately showed support of these new tracks. OWSLA artist Ekali already showing support and mixing “Fuji Opener” into his set last weekend.

Though this release was not an album fans were hoping for, some fans are still speculating that there is a new Skrillex album in the works. Nothing has been confirmed, but he hasn’t denied it either…

Whatever he decides to do, we know that it will be great.